Dear friends,
Problems should not be labelled as significant or not. All must be recognized as such, shorted and dealt with, for, they play a major role in the quality of life of the citizens who face them. Thus, we as the Municipal Authority are responsible to deal with all of them aiming for the optimum outcome.
An effective administration should try to exploit the potential of the new technology in order to offer every bit of information and services available which could be of use both to the resident and the visitor. This website was created in order to serve the aforementioned principle.
Through it, you will be able to stay informed about the news, the actions and the everyday happenings in our city, about our collaborative effort to reorganize and improve our services but also of the innovative vision for the development of our city.

This site has a dual scope. On the one hand to promote our city and on the other to inform both our residents and visitors of all our efforts and initiatives, on a small or large scale.
There is no magic wand to accomplish all. There is, though, on the part of this Municipal Authority, the will to face challenges and overcome obstacles out of the love for our hometown and respect for our fellow citizens. Given the support of our citizens, all of us, can make the difference.
Biographical Material
Christos Pagonis was born in Chalkis in 1956.
He studied Political Sciences at Panteion University.
He graduated from Athens School of Public Health.
He served as President in Evia’s Association of Graduate Students and as member of the Board of Directors at the General Hospital of Chalkida, represeting the employees.
In 1998, he was first elected as Member of Chalkida City Council, being a candidate in the “Halkida – Anagennisi” local faction.
In the 2011-14 tenure, he was the head of the opposition party in the Chalkis City Council.
He was elected Mayor of Chalkis in the 2014 elections.
He is married to Maria Manesi-Pagoni and a father of two.

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