The City Today

The City of Chalkida today.
The City of Chalkida is considered one of the most important areas as far as tourism is concerned. Apart from the aforementioned many tourist attractions, the area of the Municipality is a source of entertainment and pleasure for its Greek and foreign visitors who all have one thing in common. They all make a promise to themselves to come back soon.
The Municipality now has a population of well over 100.000 residents, about half the population of the island of Evia, and is one of the largest municipalities in Greece demonstrating coherent characteristics of a metropolis between the town of Halkida and the boroughs of Lilantion, Anthidona, Avlida and Nea Artaki. It constitutes the largest urban settlement in the greater area of Northeast Attica and Sterea Ellada.
The relatively newly formed municipality demonstrates extraordinary potential for growth in all sectors of the economy, which allows for complementary production activities and a human centric environment, elevating it to a complete urban – rural setting of national importance.
Chalkida is characterized by a dualistic orientation because despite administratively belonging to the Region of Sterea Ellada, it is exposed to a functional dependency on the greater area of Athens.


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