Municipal Unit of Anthidona

Vice Mayor:

Mr. Sanidas studied political science and public administration in Athens and received his degree in 1973. In 1980 he graduated from S.E.L.E.T.E. School of Education and in 1989 he received his master’s degree in sociology from Athens Law School. For twelve years he worked at the Ministry of Labour and served as Director at the Greek Manpower Employment Organization at the department of Fokida, Evrytania and of Vasiliko. He served as professor of Law and Political Sciences at the 1st Technical High-School of Chalkida and at Kanithos High-School exercising also the tasks of Vice Principal. He attended numerous scientific conferences and taught business administration at the Hellenic Tourism Organization schools. He has a life long involvement in local politics. In 1998 he was elected City Councillor and President of the City Council in Anthidona. In 2006 he was elected first Councilor in Anthidona and in 2010 run as candidate for the Regional Council of Central Greece.


  • Supervision of municipal offices operating in the Municipal Unit of Anthidona.
  • Monitoring the progress of projects and operations carried out at the Municipal unit of Anthidona.
  • Under the Mayor’s authorization he is eligible to sign certificates and other documents issued by the municipal offices operating in the Municipal unit of Anthidona.
  • In collaboration with the designated Vice Mayor for Waste Management and Recycling oversees the cleaning service for the Municipal Unit of Anthidona.
  • Collaborates with the Presidents of the Local and Municipal Communities.
  • Performs political weddings in the Municipal Unit of Anthidona.


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