Inauguration of Ritsona Refugee Center

News / Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The renovated Refugee Center in Ritsona, Chalkida was inaugurated on Tuesday November 22nd. This is a place, where 160 families are accomodated now in shelters. The living conditions have been significantly improved after the installation of the shelters and the removal of the tents. This renovation has been carried out in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Greece, the Greek Red Cross, the Greek Ministry of Defence and the Greek Ministry of Migration Policy.

Present at the inauguration ceremony was the Mayor of Chalkida, Mr. Christos Pagonis together with Vice Mayor of the Municipal Unit of Avlida Mr. Papapostolou and Municipal Councilor Mr. Mparoutas. Prior to the ceremony the Mayor of Chalkida met with Deputy Minister of Defence Mr. Dimitris Vitsas and discussed with him issues concerning the operation of the Refugee Center. The Mayor explained that from the very frist day of the installation of the refugees at Ritsona, the City of Chalkida has assisted all efforts to create better living conditions and has provided cleaning and transport services.

Furthermore, the Mayor along with the Minister of Migration Policy Mr. Ioannis Mouzalas visited the shelters where refugee families now reside.

During the ceremony Mr. Christos Pagonis had also the chance to discuss matters related to the migration flows to the area of Chalkida with Vice Mayor of Migration Policy Mr. Ioannis Mpalafas, the president of the Greek Red Cross Antonis Avgerinos and the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Greece Mr. Mohamed Alali.

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