The mayor of Chalkida at the workshop on education in the European Union

News / Friday, 11 November 2016
The Mayor of Chalkida Mr. Christos Pagonis delivered a speech during the workshop entitled “European Union and Education” on Friday morning November 11th, in the auditorium of the Regional Unit of Evia.

The workshop aimed to inform teachers about those EU programs related to the teachers’ training and professional development and about others that are directed to the students.

In his brief speech the Mayor of Chalkida noted that:

“During the last decade our country and all of Europe, experienced an unprecedented crisis in economic and social terms, with visible effects on education and culture, and is now called for a review and revision of the educational policies and practicies. Europe now faces the international economic competition, the revolution of knowledge, an aging population, as well as the challenge posed by the educational and linguistic diversity among its member states.

And I would like to emphasize this:
We all know that Europe is becoming increasingly multicultural, multilingual, multireligious, mostly due to refugees and migrants flows. Education broadens its geographical boundaries and redefines its supranational and competitive role. Thus, the European dimension of education is seen on the common roots of the European identity, European culture and our shared objectives, namely democracy, freedom, human rights and our respect for diversity.

In this context, the initiative taken by the regional Directorates for Education to offer continuous information, training and to promote research in the field of education in the European Union, produces multiple benefits, first and foremost on the progress of education. Today’s seminar, a result of the collaborative effort of a multitude of teachers, provides, among others, information on the development of vocational education and training in the European Union; on the means to promote learning thourgh high quality internships; on programs allowing for skill acquisition; and on programs promoting mobility, student exchange etc. (The Municipality of Chalkida is participating in the ERASMUS program)

Ladies and gentlemen, on the occasion of the proclamation of the current year, as the Year of Aristotle (this year we celebrate 2400 years of the great philosopher’s birth, whose mother Faistis is known to orginate from Chalcida), I would like to borrow a great phrase of his regarding education:
“Those who have carefully studied the different forms of governance must be convinced that the fate of nations depends on the education of young people.”

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