The City of Chalkida to become IIP certified

News / Friday, 10 February 2017

The City of Chalkida is going to be the first public institution in Greece, which will receive a certification in Human Resources Management. The Municipality is already proceeding to be submitted under the Investors in People Standard (IIP) a standard which is applied in Greece through the Hellenic Management Association (HMA). This standard has been applied in the last decades in Sweden and Great Britain, in both the private and public sector with great success.

This Quality Standard in Management of Human Resources constitutes a tool to improve and upgrade internal business operation procedures, optimize the performance of employees at all levels of administrative hierarchy, through the accomplishment of their strategic goals. The IIP standard will serve as a platform for the smooth and unhindered implementation of strategic development projects and the internal restructuring of the municipal administration.

The implementation is expected to contribute to: 1. the individual contribution of every single member of the staff to the accomplishment of the administration’s targets, render every employee responsible for serving the vision of the Municipal Authority and to improve their performance at all levels 2. to offer the possibility of a systemic measurement of performance results of the employees in relation to the predetermined targets.

The City of Chalkida will receive a Certificate of Recognition, which will be awarded at a special ceremony. Given that the City of Chalkida will be the first certified public institution under the IIP standard, it will set an example for other public organizations in human resources management.


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